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This is why I fuck other guys! I have my man but hubby likes to watch so now I want to find a man or men that can outfuck hubby but so far it hasn’t happened. 38 orgasms in one hour and 137 in a 9 hour session! When I told hubby there was no UN-ringing this bell he said…. “DING DING DING , good luck!” I am SO glad hubby likes this, but when I talk about it, he turns into a 2 pump chump so I am trying to build his stamina! Maybe you could help me by fucking me for him while he is working? We can send him pictures and video of what we are doing while he is locked in his cage! Having my cake and eating, sucking and fucking anyone I want too! What a lucky girl! I am looking for a stud to take care of me while hubby isn’t here and you can bring a friend and video equipment so hubby can watch later! (I am sure your friend may be able to find an unused hole as well when he is not filming!) email me at  in a detailed message with pictures and video of what you have in mind! Who’s NEXT? And don’t forget, WickedVegas3point0 is pictures of me, my lovers, adventures, stories, competitions to be my “fuck buddy of the month” and maybe some contribution from hubby from his cage! Stay up to date with what I am doing by following my twitter at


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