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A text just arrived to your wife’s phone…

In college, my sexy wife and her twin sister used to see who could find the biggest dick…it was a competition between them. Every time one of them found an exceptional cock, the pics would fly. My wife “dropped out of competition” when she married me. Her sister however, is still playing the field. Whenever she comes across a mammoth slab, she feels compelled to send a pic with measurements to brag to my wife. I’m much bigger than average and my wife says she is absolutely satisfied with my equipment. However, when she looks at a monster pic like this, I can tell she’s off in la-la land. Probably day dreaming about being splayed open and fucked deep. That fucker must weigh 5 pounds! 

It’s been going on for years…the ‘monster meat’ competition with my sister. After I became engaged to my husband, I told him I quit doing such things. I love him, but the truth is I still need to be opened really wide once in a while. I crave it! Nothing satisfies me like GIRTH. His cock is fine, but I just need more sometimes. I share her pics with him hoping he’ll take the hint and buy some big toys for me…maybe a sleeve or something. Two months ago while hubby was out of town, I found a monster that absolutely took the prize and she’s been trying to better me ever since. Looks like she might have done it with this one. Hubby has another trip coming up…I’m due for a good widening… I hope she’ll share this one. Maybe we can double team him!

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